Society’s Waste


A  commercial that I have seen on TV recently has sparked a revelation for me.

I know that sounds silly, but its true.

I think its for some life insurance company but it starts off with a guy asking, “If you could have your dream job what would it be?”.  As I have heard this commercial I have thought to myself..”Hmm..well probably what I am doing now.”  I was kind of surprised by my own inner response because if you would have asked me a year ago what I would want to do for the rest of my life (besides being a mom) I would have said working with some Pro-Life organization.

Yet, here I am working in a different non-profit.  As I was entertaining this train of thought I had this revelation… the work that I do with the homeless on a daily basis IS Pro-Life work.  After all, what is it that we argue in the Pro-Life debate?  Dignity of life, right?  And what is it that society says about the homeless in our society?


They are a waste.

They need to get off their butts and do something.

They have no good in society.

They drain the system.

Ok, ya, I have definitely met a few in the homeless community that complain about doing a lunch chore because they already have to do two other chores that same day–and I think to myself, “Seriously, when you have your own house you draw the chore chip every darn day.”

However, I never want to get caught up thinking that I am in the place I am because of ME.  That is a scary temptation from the enemy.  Sure, I have worked hard in my life, but all I have was given to me by God.  One thing that stuck with me that I heard within the first few weeks of my job was that we are God’s grace away from being in the same situation as some of our clients.  Some people are in the situation that they are in because of things that truly were outside of their control.

The unborn, the elderly, the homeless they all have God-given dignity, but our society tells us they don’t.

I am proud to fight for these people.

To fight for them to get back on their two feet.


I am proud to be a warrior in the fight that unborn children may have a chance to stand on their two feet.

fig17baby5mos teardrop1-2

I am also proud to be a warrior in the fight to restore the pride that seniors once had in standing on their two feet … even if they cant.

elderly-woman-sitting-looking-out-window-chalmers-butterfield Abandonment_Elder_Abuse_Nursing_Home_Lawsuit

What a worthy fight.  What a blessed job.

images (1)

Whoever does not seek the cross of Christ doesn’t seek the glory of Christ.

St. John of the Cross

{none of the pictures are from people in our shelter.}


7 thoughts on “Society’s Waste

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  2. YES. I absolutely agree that the pro-life movement is so much more than just opposing abortion. We advocate for the unborn’s right to life, the unwanted child’s right to support, the death row convict’s right to a second chance, the homeless’ right to support and aid, the vegetative patient’s right to life, and more. It is all about acknowledging the value of each human being, and remembering that we ourselves are indebted to so much support when we didn’t earn it.

    Here are 2 posts I have written that echo your sentiment:

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